Completion: Q3 2018

Client: Universal Works


MUTT have worked closely with Universal Works to design their exciting new store in Soho, London. The approach builds on our work with the brand at Coal Drops Yard and centres on three key facets of their identity: the context, the crafted and the personal.

26 Berwick Street is of the same family as the other stores, but with a slightly different, very unique, flavour and character. This is determined by the form, feel and location of the unit itself, reacting to its environment and constraints to produce an innovative architectural response which is at once extremely familiar and perfectly peculiar.

Unexpected and surprising moments have been created through architectural insertions with a bold and honest material palette, and by closely working with the idiosyncrasies of the unit. The existing concrete structure, long since concealed and covered by previous tenants, has been brought back to life in a vibrant green, reminiscent of the mills and factories which have been such an influence on Universal Works collections. Large expanses of mirror have been used, mounted to bespoke timber framework, to create illusions of volume and new sightlines through the space. An original blockwork wall has been resurrected in green machined Valchromat as the changing room walls and doors.