A project undertaken as part of PUG

Completion: 2015

Client: Ugly Duck


Welcome to Survi-ville, a place we hoped would never exist.

Once, the city thrived; but we outgrew this environment a long time ago. If the situation had been allowed to continue forever we would have happily carried on, unaware of the damage being caused. But then expiry, decline, fallout.

Survi-ville is a collaborative project between PUG and Ugly Duck (47/49) showing us a world beyond climate change and economic collapse. A prototype watchtower, biogas generator and public convenience sits atop a warehouse rooftop. Energy is created for the occupants below through the generator, the parachute inflating and deflating according to the quantities of gas within. Breathing, occasionally wheezing, a component as both generator for and barometer of the system it serves.